Counseling Services

Life Coach

Our highly qualified Life Coaching team focuses on personal development from an integral approach including mind, body, spirit, and community. We understand that personal health and well-being depends upon an individual’s experiences of connectedness. Starting with the individual we see integration of all aspects: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as an essential expression of personal health and well-being.

We believe you create your lifestyle through your intentions (what you want), beliefs and choices.  It is important to emphasize building what you want through establishing a life plan, while learning how to manage your problems. Our coaches pay close attention to all areas of life and combine traditional life coaching, fitness training, nutrition counseling, movement therapy and stress management in developing your personalized plan.

We believe you have the capacity within you to solve your problems and build the life~career~community you want. We are here to support you in learning how to access and unleash the inner you.

Our coaches at Volition Wellness Solutions help focus you on creating positive satisfying choices and guide you to make positive transformational changes that taps your inner potential to build the life you want.