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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a combination of therapy and spiritual direction. In this context, you can focus not only on therapeutic issues; but on your spiritual experiences as well. Are you yearning to explore the purpose of your life? If you are facing a transition from one stage of your life to another, you are may feel a need to pause and reflect on "what it's all about."

For many, this process brings a feeling of deep vulnerability. When an individual releases the visions that have previously guided their choices and let go of the old beliefs that are no longer serving them, the individual enters a phase of not knowing and experiences a sense of defenselessness. This lasts until a new vision emerges and they begin to see a way to move toward it.

Many people enter this stage for such reflection:

  1. When they lose their job.
  2. After they "make partner" and need to reflect on what they are striving for now.
  3. As the kids grow up and leave the nest.
  4. At the point where they move toward retirement.
  5. Following the loss of a parent.
  6. As they go through a divorce.
  7. As they face or emerge from a life-threatening illness.

In exploring these experiences, you may begin to connect them to your search for the meaning of your life. Exploring the myriad of feelings with a counselor offers you a place of security to examine the reflections of the new self that are emerging. By talking aloud about these issues and allowing your dreams to emerge, you can tease out more clearly what life is asking of you just now.

At Volition, you will find that we are particularly open to your reflections on how this period of your life represents a part of your spiritual journey. If you are specifically interested in Spiritual Counseling, we can help you explore your relationship to God and to your spiritual tradition. Perhaps you may have suffered real conflicts with your childhood religious community and be seeking healing.

Often journaling, meditation or spiritual reading can be a support to this work. Using these exercises allows you to slow down and reflect on what matters and what counts as your make your choices. You may want to talk about your sense of a divine presence in your life. Or you might want to simply slow down to reflect and recognize where new possibilities for "Life" are opening up before you. It is recommended that you work with a counselor who can support you in this spiritual journey.