Breathwork &

Hypnotherapy Benefits

Attention Issues:

Hypnosis can be very helpful in instilling focus in both adults and children. Often through repeated labeling and frustration ones comes to view themselves as distracted and unable to complete anything. This ultimately becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy. Through coaching we develop strategies toward improved executive function and through hypnosis you are able to visualize your changed behavior and ability to focus like a laser beam working towards the successful completion of tasks. This empowers the individual to proceed with a heightened focus and to make the new image a reality.

Addictions - Smoking Cessation, Food Addictions:

When you are ready to begin your life free from addiction, hypnosis can help you facilitate this change from within. Through poking holes in your sub- conscious hypnosis enables you to reframe the addiction into a viewpoint that focuses on what you are gaining rather than what you are giving up.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction:

A wise person once said that anxiety is like a lion is chasing you and there is no lion. In hypnosis we can slay the lion, demystify your sense of overwhelm and help you come up with a plan and execute an approach to move forward in a more calm, relaxed, healthier state.

Body Image:

Helping clients feel good in their own skin, develop healthy habits and lifestyles and eliminating self-destructive thoughts and behavior is an important benefit of hypnosis.

Confidence Boosting:

Hypnosis can help combat depression, negative self-image and feelings of self-doubt.

Fears and phobias:

In hypnosis you are given the tools to release phobias and manage fears so that you can move forward.

Performance Anxiety - sports performance, public speaking, test anxiety, and social inhibitions:

Do you relate to any of these thoughts? "I've never been good at speaking in public.” or ”I get test anxiety.” or "I am not as good in a game situation as in practice." or "What happened to my golf swing?" or "I can’t handle competition." Negative thoughts reinforce negative images in the sub- conscious and become the habit. Through hypnosis we change these perceptions in the sub- conscious giving one more confidence to perform. Through continued positive performance the sub- conscious and patterns change. Together we work to close the door on these self- defeating thoughts to move forward to a new you that can achieve your goals. You visualize enhanced performance and the positive energy flows. The saying goes; one cannot hit a target they cannot see. Together we make this happen.

Relationship strategy - combating conflict and difficult situations, enhancing romantic, family or workplace dynamics:

You can’t help it-your boss, husband, wife, child, boyfriend make you “crazy”. You keep having the same conflict in different arenas. Perhaps, you process information differently. You prioritize work and feelings differently. Or you have a visceral reaction to someone important in your life. They remind you of whomever. “All the boys in my life leave me. I am always in the friend zone” How do we change these negative thoughts that create negative energy and realities? We step back and really figure out what is going on. We do not focus on the past, but instead we create strategies to change this and reach your sub- conscious so you can realign your conscious and sub- conscious goals. We need to create a new known that you can visualize. Through repeated visualization and practice you can adjust your relationships, bringing a more positive outlook and shaping your relationships in a manner that works for you and enhances your life.

Sleep issues:

You cannot fall asleep or you wake up throughout the night and cannot fall back to sleep, hypnosis can help you change these exhausting patterns