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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapists utilize safe communication and rapport, as well as non-invasive techniques to create passage ways between the sub-conscious and conscious portions of the brain. Our sub-conscious is 88% of the brain, while our conscious is 12%. Within our subconscious, which is the dominant portion of the brain rests our learned behaviors and thoughts. Individuals are programmed to return to these learned patterns regardless of whether they are healthy or self-destructive. Through induction into a hyper-suggestible state, hypnotherapy enables individuals to alter their sub-conscious thoughts and then ultimately change behavior.

Our sub- conscious is shaped by our experiences and key relationships as well as our perception of ourselves through both of these. Our life- scripts and patterns are controlled by this sub- conscious. We are drawn back to our learned experiences and repeat behavior as we gravitate to the knowns in our minds. To change this we must create passage ways between our conscious and sub- conscious. Hypnotherapists induce a super relaxed state so that you can create these passage ways. Through hypnosis you are able to reach your subconscious and align its thoughts and messages with your conscious goals. This enables you take positive step towards reaching your goals. Hypnosis enables us to parent our own souls and to be our own best friend moving towards greater fulfillment and shutting the door on negative patterns and relationships with substances or people.