About Us

Our Integral Approach

We believe in an integral approach to healthcare, a collaborative effort, which starts with the individual and addresses the entire system; family, employer, health care provider, and community. Partnering with our clients we address the whole person, acknowledging the powerful interrelationship between mind, body, spirit, and community. Our model includes clinical assessments, individualized health coaching, and therapeutic support. We discuss all factors that contribute to health and integrate our healthcare practices with evidence-based complementary therapies. Our unique approach provides our clients with the most resourceful, cutting edge models of health care and cultivates an environment which allows the client to proactively create health. Our intention is to empower our clients to achieve their maximum health and well being.

A personalized health plan, centering on mindfulness and self-care strategies, is developed based on the clients individual health and objectives. This plan is delivered by an interdisciplinary team of health professionals, working collaboratively to optimize the clients health and wellbeing. The end result is that our client receives an individualized wellness program designed to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs that empowers them to actively experience and direct their own health and wellbeing.