Integral Medicine
& Nutrition

Weight Management

Our Nutrition team creates a supportive, non-judgmental, compassionate environment for client's to feel safe, respected and free to discuss and understand the role food plays in their life. We meet the client where they are and if appropriate, help them to connect food to their emotions. We support the client in redefining food and it's purpose. We help client's create a healthy and enjoyable relationship around food. Volition’s integral approach to nutrition is to assist, educate and work with you to maintain your health goals. We encourage techniques such as mindful eating, listening to natural body signals of hunger and satiety, personal food plans, boundary setting around food and gaining insights into eating habits. During your first visit, a registered dietitian will conduct an in-depth personal interview, review medical history, current eating habits and personal wellness goals, and then develop an individualized weight management plan. Our registered dietician will assess how diet may be contributing to medical conditions and overall health. We base your individualized weight management plan on evidence based research. Our weight management specialist is certified in Adult Weight Management from The American Dietetic Association. You will be educated on what works and what does not. We will dispel myths and give you the basis to determine fact from fiction. We encourage clients to develop appropriate exercise programs and may suggest that you work with one of our fitness professionals. Our intention is to help you tap into you wellness potential by providing gradual, encouraging support and sound evidence based advice along the way.