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Alla Rosina,EEM-AP LMT

Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner


Alla is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Qigong Healing practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, & Integrated Positional Therapy Practitioner. In her work Alla offers a unique fusion of Eden Energy Medicine, Color Light Therapy, Oriental Medicine, Energy Psychology, Integrated Positional therapy and therapeutic yoga.

Alla has been practicing different forms of energy healing and teaching yoga for more than a decade. Alla has taught many Energy Medicine classes and seminars in the area Ė at the Princeton Adult School, Princeton Center for Yoga and Health, Princeton Wellness and Fitness Center, and other venues. Alla is passionate about helping her clients on their specific journey to health and total wellbeing. Alla has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked as an IT System Analyst for over 20 years.

Personal Statement

With my engineering and analytical background, I have to see something to believe it. And I see it every day Ė working with energetic systems of the body helps in situations where other methods or modalities havenít. Itís simple and profound, and Iím constantly in awe of the exquisite complexity, wisdom, and ability of our bodies and minds to heal.

I am passionate about working with YOU, and helping you on your specific journey to health, balance, vitality and total wellbeing.

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